Avallo Accumonitor
Online Owners Manual
Keep your Accumonitor accurate
This is one of the Accumonitors most important features.  Learn how to recalibrate, and you will ensure that your Accumonitor remains accurate, and your cigars stay in perfect smoking condition.
First, you will need an accurate hygrometer to compare to your Avallo Accumonitor.  The hygrometer in the picture below is what I recommend because it is digital, and recalibratable. The Hygrometer also includes a calibration bag so you can test its accuracy.  A recalibratable hygrometer can be tested for accuracy (calibrated), and adjusted if needed so the reading is perfect.  If you need one, you can buy it here
Testing the Accumonitor for accuracy is easy.  Simply put, you are going to compare your now accurate small digital hygrometer from above, to your Accumonitor.

First step is to calibrate and adjust if needed you small digital hygrometer.

Next, place the small hygrometer in your cigar cabinet. Put it as close as you can to the sensor unit of the Accumonitor, but in a visible spot so you can read the display.  In the picture below, you will see a customer photo of 2 digital hygrometers placed near the Accumonitor sensor for calibration purposes.  He used 2 hygrometers to be double sure.
Now, lets say that your Accumonitor is reading 75%, and your small hygrometer is reading 70%. That means that we must deduct 5% from the Accumonitor.
Press the up (1) and down (2)  humidity control buttons at the same time. The display will go blank. Release the 2 buttons.  The top left display will now say "RE" (recalibration mode), and the top right display will now show a single digit anywhere from  minus 9 to plus 9 .  If your Accumonitor needed to be adjusted 5 % down, just push the "down" button 5 times until it deducts 5 points from the reading on the top right display. If it needed to be adjusted 1 % up, push the "up" button once so it adds 1 %. The amount you adjusted the Accumonitor will be shown on top right display, so its very simple to make the adjustments.  Once you have added or subratcted the correct amount of points, just stop, and the Accumonitor will recalibrate itself, and you are done.

Once done, the small hygrometer and Accumonitor should read the same.

Any trouble or questions? Give me a call.  I can explain this over the phone a lot faster than I can type.